Traditional Learning Expectations

1. Be Prepared.​
  • Students will enter the classroom in a respectful manner. This includes walking with urgency and using an appropriate voice level.

    •  Temperatures will be taken upon entering the classroom. 

    •  Students will be required to use hand sanitizer.

  • Students will dispose of all food, gum and drinks before entering the choir room.

  • Students will leave all belongings: books, bags, purses, etc. in a cubby.

  • Students will be in their designated spot with their choir binder, pencil, and face shield before the bell rings.

2. Be Respectful.​
  • Students and directors will respect all members of the class.

  • Students will not touch the piano, sound equipment or technology cart.

  • Students will avoid touching or using anything that is not theirs. 

  • Students will be dismissed by the director, not the bell.

  • Students will follow directions the first time they are given.

3. Be Positive.​

  • Students and directors will display a positive attitude at all times.

  • Students  and directors will support and encourage all members of the class; criticizing or making fun of others will not be tolerated. 

  • Students and directors will give their BEST EFFORT at all times.

What will students do in choir?

Students will be able to:

  • read and notate music

  • interpret musical symbols and expressive terms regarding dynamics, tempo, and articulation

  • perform music in groups or individually

  • use solfege when reading music

  • sightread at an appropriate difficulty level

  • demonstrate psychomotor and kinesthetic skills when phrasing, articulating, breathing correctly, and using appropriate posture for singing

  • demonstrate mature, characteristic sound appropriate for the genre