• Each student will be provided with a 1/2” three ring binder, pencil and music. 

  • Students participating in traditional learning will be provided with a face shield that will remain with their binder.

  • Each student will be assigned a slot for their binder in the cabinet. The binders must be returned to their slot at the end of every class. The binders may not go home.

  • All markings in music will be done in pencil; students are responsible for having a sharpened pencil prepared before the bell rings every day.

  • The student must replace any missing or damaged beyond use binder.

Grades & Attendance

Grades will be based on Formative and Summative Assessments.


  • Formative Assessment (25%) grades will be determined by quizzes, theory assignments, music preparation and sight-reading. 

  • Summative Assessments (75%) include concerts, rehearsals and sectionals outside of class, other performances, singing tests and written tests.

  • The directors will grade each assignment and provide feedback.

  • The worth of each assignment is determined by the directors.

    • Participation in any virtual or in person performances throughout the school year is REQUIRED. We will communicate in advance as performance opportunities arise.

    • Performances and competitions are currently pending and are subject to change due to current COVID-19 regulations. 

**If a student does not participate in a major performance (concert or rehearsal), it is their responsibility to ask for an alternative assignment. This assignment must be completed no more than 5 days after the missed event. If they fail to do so, they will receive a zero for that summative grade. **

Choir Fees

In the past years, the Vivian Field Choir Program has collected a $30 fee per student. This fee usually covers fine arts shirts, uniforms, festival entries and bus fees for choir competitions. It also helps pay for our accompanist for all performances. This year, we will be lowering the fee to $20. This fee will cover the expense of a choir shirt, music, and materials. You may pay by cash, check (to Vivian Field Choir Boosters) or online at Please contact us if you have concerns about meeting this fee requirement.